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How a small town girl is now earning Rs. 17,000/- a month!

One of the first students of the initial batches of AU Skills Academy, Pooja Katariya comes from a small community in Chhedawa ( Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan) and thus the opportunities available to her were always limited. Battling numerous hardships & challenges of society, she completed her graduation with a degree in Fine Arts and fostered zeal to do more, to learn more, and to make a name for her. However, her family was conservative, which meant whatever little opportunities she got were missed for the most part but she remained optimistic. Consequently, the universe rewarded her for the unyielding faith. One of our social soldiers was friends with her family and provided her with an opportunity that would serve as a stepping stone in her journey. He insisted that she join the newly formed academy and also managed to convince her family as to why it was the best fit for her. With a bit of persuasion, she came to Jaipur and enrolled herself in the AU Skills Academy. During the course, she took great efforts to overcome her drawbacks, worked hard at the academy and promised herself that she would do whatever it takes to make the most of her time & opportunity here. Day in & Day out, she would face the mirror & work on her skills to speak fluently and to groom herself for a corporate work environment. It was her determination that played an integral role in the journey. In just a period of two months, she had the confidence to address the whole batch, excelled in role play activities (demonstrating real-life situations at work), had much better communication skills, and above all had a boost in her confidence as a result of the all-round development that she received at the academy.


Pooja became a part of the 1st batch of AU Skills Academy. Her dedication led her to be one of our finest students. Today she is our highest paid student, placed at the State Bank of India with a CTC of Rs. 17,000 /- per month.

Today she is our highest paid student, placed at the State Bank of India with a CTC of Rs. 17,000 /- per month. This has not just helped her earn a livelihood but has made some deep-rooted impacts in her life. “I see that my say now has a value in my house, unlike before when I wasn’t earning anything,” she recounted. This was a proud moment for all of us at AU Foundation, seeing the positive & deep impact that our efforts had.

Muskan Khan’s Journey to Financial Stability!
Muskan Khan

A friend led Muskan to AU Skills Academy. With the help of her brother and her own zeal to learn, Muskan improved her communication and vocational skills and earned herself a financially stable career along with an increased confidence.

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