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Working his Way Towards Sports!

Coming from the rural town of Mahapura, Jaipur, he is the youngest among 4 boys in his family. A carpenter who barely earns enough to provide sports training to his ambitious young son, Krishna’s father was struggling to fulfil his dreams. Having played only on the streets, he lacked the confidence and the structure he needed to succeed. Krishna had never gotten a chance to showcase and enhance his sports skills. But all of this was before he got enrolled under AU Foundation’s Sports for Development programme. The programme gave him access to not just better sports training but also developmental activities, which helped in his all-around development. “He is a quick learner and does well in Basketball. He is so passionate about the sport that he continues in the programme even during the exams,” says Krishna’s Coach. The programme hasn’t only been helping him in improving his physical strength and development, but also in building his confidence, discipline, self-esteem, etc.


Krishna wants to be a sports coach in future & AU Bank Sports Village Programme guided him to succeed. We gave him the access to not just better sports training, but also developmental activities,that helped in his all-around development.

“In the initial days, I only spoke Marwadi but after joining this programme I have started speaking Hindi as well. I did not even listen to the ground man earlier, but now I have become disciplined like the others” says Krishna. He further added “I want to be a sports coach in the future, but I didn’t have the coaches that could guide me, tell me my mistakes or simply help me in improving my skills. After joining the Sports for Development programme I am getting all these things free of cost, something that I wasn’t able to afford on my own.”

Meet the ‘Masala’ Strategist!
Anjana Sharma

Anjana’s husband was diagnosed with a lethal disease. To make ends meet, Anjana became a part of the ‘Food Processing and Masala Making’ program where she learnt to stand on her feet. She and her team sold more than a 100 kgs of masala!

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