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September Newsletter 2021

From an introvert to a team Expert

Vikas, age 20 is a resident of nearby village in Jaipur, he lost his father during his childhood. He is survived by his mother and 4 younger siblings. After the sudden demise of his father, his mother had to work in nearby household to look after the family needs. When affording two meals a day was a challenge, going to school has become a dream for him and his siblings. Being the eldest of all he had to sacrifice his studies and start helping his mother in household chores and taking care of his younger sisters while his mother is away from home for work. Vikas had many struggles, but he didn’t loose hope. He used to borrow books from his friends and study under streetlights after his family falls asleep. He used to make paper bags at home to generate some income and managed to save some penny. With that, he enrolled himself for a private exam and cleared his high school. He had always dreamt of giving a good life and education to his family and had high ambitions to be unstoppable in his career.

Due to his personal challenges, he never got an opportunity to be exposed to outside world and especially the professional space. His biggest concern lies in getting a job as he lacked employability skills like communication, teamwork, positive attitude, resilience, etc. He was so introvert that he would not even talk to his relatives when they visited him.
Once his uncle, who is a rickshaw driver saw the hoarding of Skills Academy and asked him to visit there. At first, he was shy and hesitant but with the force of his mother, he managed to come to the academy.
He enquired for courses and during his counselling the trainers came to know the areas he needed to work on. He lacked confidence, feared public and was very introvert. Computer was one thing, he witnessed first time in his life. After 3-4 visits he got himself enrolled in the Office Assistant course at our Skill Academy.

At AU Skills Academy we train youth from underprivileged communities to help them find a sustainable source of livelihood. We run various vocational courses that can benefit students and give them a platform to pursue their dreams and initiate their careers. Our aim is to develop the youth holistically and make them career ready. We have also trained Vikas for his communication, interpersonal and professional skills. Along with this he was also trained in his life skills by various classroom teaching approaches. We made all possible efforts to improve his personality. He was given various real-life situations to boost his confidence in problem solving. He was also taught managerial and goal-setting skills. These skills are very essential to advance one’s career. With constant practice his personality also improved with the training. He developed enthusiasm and started communicating well with his colleague. He even showed leadership and team building competencies in various celebrations by participating in competitions and wining it. His hard work helped him overcome weaknesses and took the training seriously. He was also quick in grasping whatever is taught to him.

While talking to him, he said - "I had always dreamt of succeeding in life by being gainfully employed and supporting my family. I want my brothers and younger sister to pursue higher studies and do well in their respective lives. But I was feeling dejected and demotivated due to my financial situation. But after enrolling in this program, I was inspired to fight back and do well in life – and ultimately achieve my goals”.With all this, the efforts and hard work of Vikas paid off and he was able to secure a job after the completion of his training. Today, he is employed as a Team Expert-Verification at Jumio India Pvt. Ltd. and drawing a salary of 24150 per month. He has made his family and the academy proud. All this was possible due to his earnest efforts and his zeal to achieve something in life. Vikas’s story is an inspiration for all of us.Like Vikas, there are thousands of youths in our country who look for a short-term course. India is a home to largest youth population in the world. The government has launched series of initiative and policy measures to equip them with skills which is necessary for socio economic development of our country. One of the key programs launched are the short-term vocational courses considering the size of work force and available time. Aligned to the need and nation’s priority AU Bank under its CSR Initiative has started AU Skill Academies in 6 districts of Rajasthan. The purpose of this academies is to provide skills to underprivileged youth. AU Skill Academy has also provided Vikas and thousands like him, from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with domain and life skills and habituation to changing work environments — reducing unemployment and improving livelihood options. The trainees on their part have built upon their training and forged ahead, crafting better lives. Like Vikas, we wish all Academy students to climb the success ladder and become not only dedicated professionals but responsible citizens as well.

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