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October Newsletter 2021

First Financial and Digital Literacy Camps in South Indian State

India is a country where a large population resides in rural areas which lack adequate facilities with limited exposure to banking and no financial literacy. Similar is the case with people from financially weak communities in the urban areas. Hence, there is an immense need to make them aware of the importance of Financial and Digital Literacy.

Being a CSR wing of a banking organization, Financial and Digital Literacy is one of the major focus areas of AU Foundation. We focus on making people’s lives better by educating them about managing their hard-earned money. Individuals with improper financial literacy may fall prey to fraudulent schemes and end up losing their money, hence we need to equip them with some basic knowledge of using digital technology such as the Internet, while also educating them about financial literacy, to make the most of the online world.

Our team conducts Financial and Digital Literacy camps for the underprivileged from time to time to enhance their knowledge about these subjects. To date, we have conducted more than 500 camps, impacting more than 18000 beneficiaries with an outreach of more than 60000 people in 6 states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, Punjab, and Maharashtra.

We captured a South Indian State for the first time at the request of one of our Branch Managers, Mrs. Bongani Dhana Lakshmi. Looking at the dire need to educate people in districts of Telangana, Mrs. Bongani Dhana Lakshmi took a call to approach us for conducting FDL Camps. Our team decided to seize the opportunity of entering a new state and readily agreed to conduct camps there. The camps were conducted between 5th-8th October’2021. To make our message reach the people properly, we conducted the camps in their regional dialect through NukkadNataks.
When education is coupled with entertainment, it is bound to make a better impact on people as they can understand and relate to it. This is the way we generally conduct Financial and Digital Literacy camps. Our motive is to empower more and more people so that they can benefit from it and make informed decisions.
We once again appreciate the efforts and thank Mrs. Bonagani Dhana Laxmi without whose support this could not have been possible.

AU Jal Bank initiative
Our water coolers in new avtaar

Under the AU Jal Bank initiative, more than 300 water coolers have been installed in several public areas to provide safe drinking water in Rajasthan and neighboring states.

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