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Meet the ‘Masala’ Strategist!

“We make the purest Masala so that our consumers always have the best & most reliable products. Money comes with time & efforts, but compromising the quality of food to maximize costing is never a good idea,” says Anjana Sharma, leader of the first Masala Making Group of Gumanpura. Before being introduced to ‘AU Udyogini’, Anjana didn’t have any source of livelihood. She was a homemaker, catering to the needs of her family. A few months back, her husband was diagnosed with a poisonous infection and was declared unfit to work. Until then, she would only do household work and was not allowed to go outside. Yet her zeal to make a better future for herself inspired her to search for a source of livelihood to support her family. She formed a group of fifteen women in her village and joined AU Udyogini’s training program in ‘Food processing and Masala making’. Anjana had an inborn leadership quality which led her to easily encourage other women to support her in starting a brand. Finally, all their hard work and efforts paid off as they launched their own brand ‘Maa Annapurna Mangodi and Masala’. They worked hard by training themselves in making the best possible products while ensuring that the hygiene & other aspects were kept up to the mark.


Anjana’s husband was diagnosed with a lethal disease. To make ends meet, Anjana became a part of the ‘Food Processing and Masala Making’ program where she learnt to stand on her feet. She and her team sold more than a 100 kgs of masala!

In the very first month, because of her business skills and marketing strategies, she collaborated with eight vendors for her Masala Products and sold out more than 100 Kgs of masala, which helped them earn over Rs. 16,000 /- in just one month.

From a Housewife to a Team Leader!
Champa Devi

Champa, a housewife, was tied up with the conservatism of society,became independent with the help of AU Udyogini’s Mangodi Making and Marketing program.Owing to her zeal, she now leads a team of 13 women who prepare mangodis every day.

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