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October Newsletter 2021

AU Musings, a period of reflection

AU Skills Academy has to date, trained thousands of youths who are doing well in their careers.Founded in September 2018, AU Skills Academy is on a mission to empower youth from disadvantaged communities with market relevant skills and link them with suitable employment opportunities.

On the occasion ofthird anniversary of the academy, an event was organized in the phygital mode, graced by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal (MD and CEO of AU Small Finance Bank).
The first part of the event saw the launch of first series of AU Musings. Success stories of four young achievers of Skills Academy were also shared, showing how the training at skills academy helped shape their careers and brought a positive Badlaav in their lives.
The second part of the event was an interactive session between Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and AU Skills Academy trainees. It showed the participation of youth with great enthusiasm. They asked a lot of questions which were answered nicely to motivate them for future.

Trainee: What is the best way to manage and cope with stress in this era of the pandemic when things are changing rapidly?
Sanjay Sir: We are part of a very large country that has a population of almost 138 Cr that was around 80-90Cr in the late 1900s. In the 75 years of democracy, India has demonstrated constant growth compared to many other economies. India has always shown statistical growth compared to past years except for the last year due to the pandemic situation. It is a temporary phase and will be overcomeby employing all measures. Being a human race, we have to be competent enough to deal with negativism and competition. You are young, free, energetic birds and the youth of the nation. Opportunities will grow year by year, and you must work hard to grab those. You have a long way to go. Trainee: In the present scenario, skills are more important than a degree, so what competencies/skills are needed to achieve a good hike in one's career journey?
Sanjay Sir: It is essential to know yourself, your expertise, and your area of interest like Science, Arts, Commerce, Accounts and maybe Law. Both skills and degrees are important. While skills help you choose an area to build your career, a degree gives you knowledge and learning. AU Skills Academy is here to provide you with the necessary skills and help you identify your strength and a suitable area of intervention. I would suggest you for a self-awareness test to know which field of work suits you best. When you invest time in what you enjoy doing, you can seize the numerable opportunities that come your way and grow. Also, it is important to focus on skills that have high growth potential. So, all skills and degrees are worth it if they give you internal satisfaction.

Trainee:What is your journey towards success and how did you achieve success?
Sanjay Sir: It is a long story. I had a CA degree, but it did not interest me. The only benefit of the degree was that I got respect in society. From 1993 till 2003, I worked at different places, but my heart and soul were in finance. In 2003, I decided to follow my heart and startedfinancial services with a small team. Gradually we became an NBFC, then moved to AWAS, and finally became the country’s largest small finance bank. It is not that you have to be the largest small finance bank, but the satisfaction you derive from it. Apart from this, you must be responsible and honest and for that, you must be wise and to be wise, you need skills. Have a focus on execution, commit less and perform more, and let your efforts speak. It will help you achieve what you want. Our country has infinite capacity. It is not that there will be no competition, and there will be no new bank that can become bigger, so it is important to keep putting in constant efforts. I could present a new bank to the country by constantly putting efforts into its growth from 2003 to 2017. We were ready to serve and got the opportunity. We are living in a democracy where nothing is constant, and everything changes. Change will happen and you must adopt it.

Trainee: How to balance family and work life?
Sanjay Sir: Problems that we face are the ones that are the same as faced by others. We must make ourselves capable enough to manage them. It is all in our minds. We have to find solutions to all problems. I come from a normal family background. My father was a government employee and was unable to help me when I requested him for funds. It did not dishearten me. I went from one organization to another in search of funds, and doors opened. So, there is a solution to every problem, and it is up to us whether we find solutions or remain stuck in the problems.

Trainee: Skills improvement is crucial, so how can young minds improve their skills?
Sanjay Sir: The academy must assess each trainee’s hidden talents and capabilities and help them choose a field that suits them best. As I told you, my area of interest was Finance, and I was sure that I was made for it as I entered this field. It does not matter whether you have any prior experience as it is something you acquire gradually. You must be able to take 48 hours out of the 24 hours that you have. Some people can give results equivalent to 72 or 100 hours from the 24 hours that they have. You must take inspiration from them and aim higher. You need to set your goals and priorities for the next five years. So this is the time when you are between 20-30 years when you have no liabilities and lesser expectations. You can fall and stand up several times. It is the time to work hard and find your inner strength.

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AU Foundation conducted 10+ Financial and Digital Literacy camps for the first time in South region in Telangana supporting more than 500 beneficiaries to enhance financial and digital literacy.

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