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Muskan Khan’s Journey to Financial Stability!

A Muslim girl from one of Jaipur’s indiscreet communities, Muskan Khan is a student from the second batch of AU Skills Academy in Jaipur. Despite facing a number of hardships and challenges from her own community, she managed to complete her schooling from Open Board. Muskan was eventually about Au skills Academy by one of her friends who was already under training at the academy. Intrigued by all that her friend shared, she sought her parent’s permission to take admission in the academy. The parents denied but that didn’t make her give her. Taking her elder brother into confidence, she got enrolled in the academy and started attending the classes. She was under-confident but took great efforts to overcome all the barriers coming in her path. She was determined to set a powerful example for the other women in her community. In just a period of two months, she had the confidence to face anyone & everyone.

Muskan Khan

A friend led Muskan to AU Skills Academy. With the help of her brother and her own zeal to learn, Muskan improved her communication and vocational skills and earned herself a financially stable career along with an increased confidence.

"The important thing you can learn in Life is how to love yourself and you cannot fulfil your passion and desire unless you are able to love yourself and be true to who you are," says Radha. Working at BVG India Ltd. as a MIS Executive today, Radha earns decently and says that she would have never made it this far in her life had it not been for AU Skills Academy.

Working his Way Towards Sports!
Krishna Jangid

Krishna wants to be a sports coach in future & AU Bank Sports Village Programme guided him to succeed. We gave him the access to not just better sports training, but also developmental activities,that helped in his all-around development.

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