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Livelihood Enhancement

There are a lot of unemployed Indians and an entire world of severely untapped potential that could serve as a way of generating livelihood as well as contribute to nation’s prosperity. At AU, we have always worked in generating livelihood for rural population right from the start by providing asset financing to people who truly deserved a chance to generate a living out of it. AU Foundation has been conceived with the vision of following the same path.
We are of the belief that an entire family gets empowered if we start with its women. We are thus working towards rural women’s empowerment by chiselling their skills and helping them establish market linkage on their path towards entrepreneurship. The entire ideology has been fuelling the AU Udyogini project under our livelihood enhancement model. Our work for livelihood enhancement has also opened our eyes to a huge dearth of skilled workforce in a rapidly growing economy. Through AU Skills academy, we are thus trying to fill this gap by training underprivileged youth and transforming them into industry ready individuals.

Au Skills Academy

I never thought I could be a part of something this important. The AU Udyogini program has allowed me & many other women in my community to come out of our homes & interact with each other. We share our stories & feelings. This sense of community has strengthened our bond and has also helped us in inspiring and helping each other.

Champa Devi, Leader, Mangodi Centre

Our Project

AU Udyogini (Enabling rural women with Sustainable Livelihoods & Agency)

This project focuses on providing self-employment opportunities to the women in rural areas. These women are trained in one or more skills that are primarily related to their immediate place of stay. The skill training is eventually amalgamated with lessons on multiple soft skills and business skills thus preparing them to be small scale entrepreneurs.

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Jobner, Jaipur

Kanota, Jaipur

Sanganer, Jaipur

Sambhar, Jaipur

  • The Self Employment Training Centres for Women focuses on imparting skills based on local industries to help them be independent.
  • The skills are carefully selected depending on the location of the centre as well as to encourage local production of goods & services.
  • This focus on local products ensures that women start their own small enterprise which is sustainable in the long run.
  • It also contributes to women’s empowerment in the kind of rural areas where women still struggle under the binds of patriarchy.








AU Skills Academy is a carefully designed project that selects youth from economically unprivileged backgrounds and transforms them into industry professionals. At the academy, our constant endeavour is to polish these students holistically. This is why, along with the theory classes, special focus is paid on polishing their soft-skills such as communication, presentation, leadership, teamwork, and so on.

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  • The AU Skills Academy aims to provide a chance to needy individuals and impart them with skills to stand on their own feet.
  • It offers a free vocational skill training program to the urban youth workforce.
  • The skills taught in the academy help students become better professionals.
  • The program trains them to work in various sectors with all the essential skills such as communication, presentation, language proficiency, personality development, and basic grooming.