financial literacy

Creating a Financially
Literate Nation

Awareness Programme for
Financial & Digital Literacy
in India

Financial Inclusion is a quest for making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, regardless of their net worth and size.
As a Small Finance Bank, while catering to the rural and even urban population, AU noticed that the formal education doesn’t completely educate people on financial literacy and that people mostly rely on someone else to take their financial decisions. So, simply making the banking services available to the public wasn’t enough. We realised that there is an urgent need for financial literacy among the audience for them to truly understand the banking services and then use them for their financial prosperity. Financial literacy needs to start from the very basics of how money is made, spent, and saved.
AU foundation organises financial and digital literacy camps, targeting both rural and urban areas. We seek our audience’s by using alternate strategies wherein instead of inviting them to directly learn about banking, we first invite them to participate in interactive activities, making it a fun learning process. What makes us different is the delivery mechanism and unique curriculum designed specifically to target people in the demography. Creative and infotainment elements keep our camps interesting and the audience engaged throughout. We make them aware about banking products and also help in building trust for banking systems using simple and easy terminology and local dialects.

financial literacy
financial literacy
financial literacy

I see that my say now has a value in my house, unlike before when I wasn’t earning anything.

Pooja Katariya

Our Project

Financial Literacy Camps

The Financial Literacy Camps aim at reaching out to people in remote areas as well as unbanked locations. The aim is to educate them about various financial services and tools made available to them by the banking infrastructure. In these camps, innovative methods of teaching & learning are implemented to achieve maximum impact.

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Madhya Pradesh




  • Financial Literacy Camps are organized in rural Unbanked locations.
  • They are used to educate people about the Financial and Banking Services and Tools.
  • The camps build trust about banks & banking amongst these people.
  • They introduce members of the unbanked communities to Banking and Financial Services.






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