au foundation

The Love We Share

It is our honor to work with AU Foundation and learn from their rich experiences in the field of sustainable livelihood development. The foundation partner with NGOs to design, develop and implement the best suitable solutions to solve the community problems. We have been creating livelihood through women entrepreneurship development and making the women financially independent.

Prashant Pal

Founder – Pure India Trust

It means a lot to have a reputed organization such as yours, put its faith in us and the work we do at our Skill Development Centers. With your support, we hope to open more centers and work towards making possible a skilled nation and a brighter future for the youth!

Ms. Pearl Tiwari

Ambuja Cement Foundation - CEO, Director

The way AU goes beyond the CSR compliance framework to make things happen is simply commendable. The support of the CSR Head Mr Akshay Gujar is admirable.I have the highest regards for the kind of energy, intent and logic their young team brings to the table, backed by a very structured approach to problem-solving.

Devang Sharma

The Sports Kartail - Chief Promotor

We want to express our gratitude to the AU Foundation.It is a very appreciable effort to improve the livelihood through skills training for poor, deprived and vulnerable women in this area by AU Foundation. Through these activities’ women get a chance to come into the mainstream economy. As a result, they are getting their gender equality right in community.

Om Prakash Sharma

Gram Chetna Kendra - Founder, Director

The opportunity to partner with AU Foundation and its dynamic team is a great experience.I believe that AU Foundation is an emerging leader, which will revolutionize the paradigm of social change with their clear vision and conviction to positively and sustainably influence the life of the needy and vulnerable masses.

Nitu Prasad

Development Initiative - Founder, Director

Our experience with the AU Foundation has been the best! The efforts the employees make for financial literacy is commendable and has been the pioneer in reaching out to the rural masses right to their doorsteps. We would be honoured to have a long-lasting & impactful partnership!

Aslam Qureshi

Alsana Rang Theater Society - Director

I have been a part of the AU family since 2002 and part of the team since 2017 working with the leaders of this institution, learning the thoughtfulness behind its operations.! Each day starts with a positive thought to do good and ends with an overwhelming peaceful feeling. AU Foundation’s well thought & unique projects make sure that its resources & efforts serve the people in the most optimum way. It has helped me find a way to enrich the lives of others & in the process enrich my own.

Peeyush Bardia

Livelihood Enhancement

Being one of the first employees of the team, I have had the privilege to drive the change that I had always dreamt of. New ideas are given way & appreciated, breaking away from the set norms of doing CSR. I experienced the first-hand rigorous efforts to build something new & something that has not been done before. I am learning so much every day, it overwhelms me and at the same time warms my heart.

Shubham Pareek

Sports For Development

In all of my experience working in the social development sector, AU Foundation is my first time working for a Bank’s CSR. This has been the biggest learning opportunity for me and has allowed me to fulfill my life-long mission to serve the nation at large. My work within the AU Foundation’s Financial & Digital Literacy Project, helps me develop the unbanked masses & connect them to the mainstream financial infrastructure, which in turn helps the nation’s economy. With the help of unique learning mechanisms, we are able to reach various strata of people & serve them in a way that is most efficient.

Pawan Tiwari 

Financial & Digital Literacy

Prior to joining any organization, I would look for two important aspects in any organization i.e. vision of the organization and working environment to achieve that vision. At AU Foundation, each day presents a new challenge and a learning opportunity. I am constantly experiencing personal and professional growth which is very satisfying and rewarding. Also, I feel like I work for the organization that truly cares. Along with society at large, It cares about the development of its employees and nurtures them to be the best they can be.

Dr. Garima Sharma

AU Skills Academy

Hailing from the development sector & having worked on the on-ground projects, I wasn’t sure of my decision to work in a bank’s CSR. It was only after I started working at the AU Foundation, that I realized how different its working is. AU Foundation has provided me with the chance to have full ownership of my projects, I have found right mentorship from my seniors & every single day I learn something valuable. The opportunities at AU Foundation are immense & I am on a mission to make each day worth it.

Aadil Ishrat 

AU Udhyogini

I’ve been a part of the AU Family since 2010, working on a range of different profiles in on ground operations & execution. Being a part of the support team, it allows me to work on multiple projects of AU Foundation – from Financial literacy Camps to Livelihood Enhancement Project Visits on various ad-hoc projects. Working at AU Foundation has provided me a second chance, to reinvent & redefine myself.

Sanjit Tiwari

Field Operations

You should be your own yardstick for progress. Am I better than I was yesterday? This is the only question worth asking. If you go to bed at night a better self-experimenter than the one who woke up that morning, you have succeeded. Your worth should have nothing to do with how your progress stacks up relative to another; only how it stacks up against the person you were yesterday.
AU Foundation offered me a very warm and welcoming environment, which allowed me to explore my skills and abilities and fostered growth. I found myself surrounded by mentors who were dedicated to helping me succeed. I was assigned tasks that challenged me and put my skills to the test in the real world circumstances.

Bhupendra Khanna

Academic and Training Manager

After the tough COVID Scenario, I took a chance to join AU Foundation. It has been a great year now working here. It has been a great opportunity to work with an amazing organization that is full of amazing people as well as wonderful growing potential as a company. AU Foundation provides the right amount of balance between work life and personal time as well as constant learning opportunities. One thing that I have enjoyed most about working at AU Foundation is being able to see the whole picture being a small piece of it, also being able to utilize my strengths and grow them in a way that will further benefit not only myself but the company as a whole.

Ghata Vijay

Manager- HR

Being a part of social initiatives that brings about a positive change in the lives of people has always motivated me to follow my passion in the social development sector. I have been serving in communities from past 10 years but with AU Foundation, I have been able to create a community of people, giving back to society through several initiatives designed for AU Bank Employees. Learning has always been a Changes to be done before updating testimonials in the website: continuous process for me and working at AU Foundation gives me a possibility to work on scale and
bringing new initiatives in lined with the vision of Bank. In last 2 years we have seen how the global pandemic has impacted the lives of people and I am blessed for being able to serve the communities in such a crucial phase. With the experiences and the learnings, I look forward to keep exploring and giving my best to the organization for the greater good of the society.

Amit Thanvi

Manager- Social Connect