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Our Efforts & their Impact

Gayatri Devi Yadav – The journey from being a Masala Sakhi to a leader

25 Apr, 2022

AU Udyogini is a major initiative of the AU Foundation aiming at helping women from backward communities to become financially independent.

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Our COVID Initiatives

11 Jul, 2021

Life is not today what it was two years back- tight work schedules, studying for approaching competitive examinations, or school.

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Self-Isolation Ideas: 25 Things You Can Do

27 Apr, 2020

Complete human civilization is based on socialization, without this, we cannot imagine our survival.Here are some ideas to give you a start.

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What Is ISR and How Corporates and NGOs Can Play An Important Role In ISR?

17 Apr, 2020

The true essence of human life lies in giving back to the world we take so much from. It is neither charity nor any art of giving but simply the science of maintaining a symbiotic relationship with our surroundings.

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Meljol 1.0

15 Apr, 2020

Meljol was a mega event and such big events need a lot of hard work and sweat to be successful. In addition to this, strong communication and coordination among all the staff/crew members.

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COVID- 19: Myths Vs Facts

20 Mar, 2020

What is the best thing that we, as individuals, can do to prevent the Covid-19 situation from getting out of control? There is a rampant talk about social distancing, keeping up our hygiene, and staying updated with the “latest” information.

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Doli’s journey towards a brighter future

19 Feb, 2020

Doli Jhamtani, a young & passionate individual wished to transform her life in a positive manner and also wanted to help and contribute to her family’s income as there were major financial issues at home after she lost her father.

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How AU Foundation’s Sports for Development program is aiding in society’s development?

11 Feb, 2020

Sports is clearly not just a career option but it also plays a very crucial role in the development of the all-rounded personality of children.

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Enabling people with the power of vision for a better tomorrow

28 Jan, 2020

One of the most important organs in one’s body is eyes as we perceive up to 80% of all impressions through sight. However, many people are suffering from vision impairment or blindness.

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First anniversary of first employee of AU Foundation

30 Dec, 2019

Hailing from a defence background, I have always seen my father talking about the greater good, thinking and living beyond the self and in the service of society.

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A day with AU Foundation

26 Mar, 2019

At the AU Foundation’s financial literacy camp with local artists and organizing team. And a huge crowd of participants in Kujeta village near Shahpura, Jaipur.

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