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Self-Isolation Ideas: 25 Things You Can Do.

author: Akshay Gujar | 27 Apr 2020

Self-Isolation Ideas: 25 Things You Can Do

Complete human civilization is based on socialization, without this, we cannot imagine our survival. Therefore, social distancing challenges the very reason and purpose of our survival. It is natural to feel trapped, anxious and stressed under self-isolation but it is also the best time to work on yourself, bond with your people and do all that you always wanted to do. Here are some ideas to give you a start:

Self-Isolating Ideas for People Living Alone

  1. Stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. The present-day technology makes it possible to talk as well as see anyone you want. Keeping in touch with your closest people will help you stay positive and emotionally stable.
  2. Try to start with the things you were planning to do from a long time like learning a new instrument, cooking, baking, etc. There are so many of us who often plan to learn new things but never get time due to a hectic work schedule. You can make the best use of your self-isolation time and start with the things you always wanted to do. Online tutorials and YouTube can finally prove their worth to you.
  3. Avid readers can start their own online book club. You can share your online books collection with others and ask them to share their own collection. You never know, by the end of it you may have some new friends along with some fantastic new books.
  4. Music lovers can either organize an online concert for their friends or join one, there are several celebrities that are coming online these days and regularly interacting with the audience in real-time. You may get in touch with any of them and ask them to perform live online for you and others.
  5. Binge-watch your favourite shows, Netflix, Hulu, HotStar, and Amazon Prime are offering some really good content across a number of genres. You may utilize this opportunity to widen your search and add more favourites to your list.
  6. Learn new languages. You can either install an app or use YouTube to find tutorials and start practising every day. By the end of quarantine, you might become an expert in one or two more languages.
  7. Learn new dancing skills. Becoming a good dancer is a burning aspiration in many, you finally have all the time in the world to pursue this art and add some moves.

Self-isolation Ideas For Families Small Kids:

  1. Having small kids doesn’t leave parents with a lot of time for themselves. Since you are both home, you may use self-isolation to take turns with kids and give your partner some rest.
  2. It is also the best time to bring out your creative instincts and devise new ways to keep your small ones engaged who might be craving for outings.
  3. If you happen to be a movie lover you can film some short movies together or recreate some of the most iconic scenes. You may never get a better opportunity to get ready and play the role of your dreams.
  4. You can give a makeover of your home by picking up some interesting DIY home decor projects. Paint a new wall, change the furniture settings, clean up all the corners, work on your interiors, team up and assign some tasks to your kids and better half and make it a family project.
  5. You can always use your mornings to take care of your garden and plant some new trees, trim your hedges or take care of the sick plants. If you don’t have a garden, you can always create some green zones in your home with some new creepers, small plants, and some flowers.

Self-Isolation Ideas For Senior Citizens:

  1. Go for self-introspection, meditate and use the time to take a look at your past life and enjoy your present.
  2. Give yourself a makeover with some exercise, hair colour, and some self-massages. If you are a couple, you can help each other with massages and hair colouring. Surprise people when they see you again after quarantine. Prove that age is just a number, you are still young at heart.
  3. If you are an extrovert, then you can take virtual tours of various places, do live darshans of various temples, and watch some special documentaries of places you love most.
  4. You can always update yourself with the latest phrases, devices, and technologies that your kids and grandkids use these days. Learn to use the online world and surprise them with a video call or ordering their favourite dishes for them through Swiggy or Zomato.
  5. Best time to start your own blog or vlog and share your insights and life experiences with others. You have the best of what most people don’t – experience. You may record some new videos and sessions to teach others what you learned through your journey in this world and share your best memories with all. It can be a treasure for generations to come.

Self-isolation Ideas For Working Women:

  1. It is the best time to take a nap every day to your heart’s content. Consider this time as a break that you were looking forward to from a long time. Use it to rebuild yourself with some rest and by getting on with a new schedule.
  2. Working women do not get much time to tend to their house, wardrobes, and other corners of the house. You can now give your full attention to all without having to worry about work. Use it to your best.
  3. Watch most epic movie series like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Harry Potter, and others. You can either do it with your family or all by yourself if you get enough time.
  4. Nurture your bond with your kids by participating in every small thing they do as well as your spouse. You can do group activities, play scavenger hunt or organize indoor picnics for all.
  5. If you like to help others, you can always do some community work like making masks, creating food packages for the needy, or sending daily life essentials to people who need it most. You can coordinate with local authorities and police who will pick these things from your home and take it to destined places.
  6. Make things from scratch or learn to make things from scratch like knitting sweaters, complex recipes, repairing old devices, and if you an engineer take out your toolbox and create something new.

Self-Isolation Ideas For Teenagers:

  1. Dance it out. You may already know a lot of moves, no harm in adding some more.
  2. If you are an introvert who loves to get creative, it is the best time to use your instincts. Create photo albums and clear out clutter from your phone, laptop, and cloud storage.
  3. If you have some animals in your home, you can always add some training time to your schedule. You can use YouTube videos and other online tutorials to train your pets and teach them some new tricks.
  4. Best time to upgrade your academic skills and take things a notch ahead at your school. Also, it is time to work on yourself and give your personality a makeover. If you have temper issues, you can always learn some anger management. You can also learn and perform self-pedicure, manicure, face massage, and other things that improve your skin.
  5. Workout because there is nothing better than exercise to keep away monotony, boredom, and stress.

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