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Doli's journey towords a brighter future

author: AU Foundation | 19 Feb 2020

Doli’s journey towards a brighter future

Doli Jhamtani, a young & passionate individual wished to transform her life in a positive manner and also wanted to help and contribute to her family’s income as there were major financial issues at home after she lost her father. She was lost & unaware with no specific plan in mind on how to proceed further in life, that’s when she happened to know about AU Skills Academy through one of the academy’s students and her friend, Omprakash who had successfully completed training from the academy located in C-Scheme, Jaipur and being a witness to the changes in his life that the academy had brought, she decided to join the academy.

Where many would accept defeat, she decided to move on and fight the hardships. Instead of giving up, she chose to stand on her feet and excel in life. Doli joined AU Skills Academy despite the opposition of her family and on seeing her determination her family finally gave in. Doli knew that this was her only chance and ticket out to a better life of her dreams. She dedicatedly attempted all the sessions and took active participation throughout the course to get the best results.

While browsing through various vocational training courses offered at AU Skills Academy, Doli opted for Hotel Management keeping in mind her family catering business run by her brother and how she could contribute to it. During the 2 months course, she learnt the basics of Hospitality & Tourism Industry. She also learnt the technology trends of the hospitality industry and soft skills such as communication skills and basic computer knowledge. Thus, through the training provided at the academy, she developed her mind-set, skill-set & tool-set. As a student she was always up for learning and had great communication skills, based on which her teachers considered Doli to be the right fit for the hospitality sector.

Through her efforts and a small nudge from the AU Skills Academy, Doli has transformed her life and has now become a major financial contributor to her family. Earning a name for herself in a short duration of time, she feels like an important member of the family whose opinions matter now and is no longer a burden on them.

Post-training she was selected in her very first attempt to work as a stewart in a renowned bakery at Jaipur. Peppy, lively and a favourite at the workplace, Doli is working her way towards success. Today, she gets a good salary along with chances to earn more through catering events of the bakery and also supports her family business. On completion of her 6 months tenure with the bakery, she aims to apply for the managerial position.

Her life took a 360-degree turn after employment as now she is being noticed for her efforts, her views are asked regarding any important family decisions, she is earning her livelihood and moreover she is living life on her own terms. The remarkable change in her life serves as a motivational factor to continuously grow and evolve in life.

AU Skills Academy is only a stepping stone for bright young minds like Doli and aims to bring such talent to the forefront. Doli is a source of inspiration for every little girl out there who has dreams and hope in their eyes and for whom we only wish that they find the courage to stand up, run and jump as there is nothing that can stop them.

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