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COVID- 19: Myths Vs Facts

author: AU Foundation | 20 Mar 2020

COVID- 19: Myths Vs Facts

What is the best thing that we, as individuals, can do to prevent the Covid-19 situation from getting out of control? There is a rampant talk about social distancing, keeping up our hygiene, and staying updated with the “latest” information. But is that enough? Is it enough to wash your hands and sanitize them, what about sanitizing our minds from the misinformation and myths that are going viral over social media platforms?
There are so many self-experts who claim have specialization on Corona Virus and misleading people with false notions. It is mandatory to know the difference between truth and myth. Below given are some myths that are creating a lot of chaos amidst normal people and misguiding them. Stay away from them:

Myth 1: To mask or not to mask?: Wherever you are, you need to wear a mask all the time.
Fact: According to WHO, COVID-19 is not an airborne vector, it spreads through touch. You need to wear a mask if you are sneezing or coughing or in a public place. But yes, WHO is considering ‘airborne’ precautions for medical staff as some studies showed that coronavirus can survive in air.

Myth 2: Sufficient Medical Resources and Attention: There are many who believe that they will receive the required medical attention and care if they get infected.
Fact: Remember, the dengue fever that went rampant in India two years ago? Do you know hundreds lost their lives just because the hospitals were full and doctors had no time to even provide patients with a proper diagnosis. There are hundreds of regional hospitals and medical centres still waiting for minimal staff and one doctor if not more. We have a severe shortage of medical professionals and caretakers as well as the resources and infrastructure. India is currently in phase 2 of COVID-19, if it reaches phase 3, it wouldn’t be possible for our medical staff and hospitals to provide all with proper medical care.

Myth 3: High Temperatures Will Kill COVID-19: Several WhatsApp messages and reports are claiming that COVID-19 wouldn’t survive as temperatures cross 25-26°C.
Fact: The temperatures are as high as 40°C in Sydney and COVID-19 infection is in full swing across the city. So, no, higher temperatures wouldn’t assure the disappearance of this virus.

Myth 4: Corona Virus is like a common cold: Since people are getting better after getting infected with COVID-19, there is nothing to worry about.
Fact: According to WHO, this virus has the potential to infect 50-60% population across the globe and it spreads faster than the common cold. The common cold doesn’t crash Sensex markets, kills people within days and spreads like wildfire. Please don’t make the mistake of taking it lightly.

Myth 5: The 10 Second Test: Several WhatsApp forwards claim that if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds without coughing you are safe from COVID-19.
Fact: This is misleading information and totally fake. There are a lot of people who can hold their breath for 30-40 seconds and many who can’t even for 5 seconds, none of this testifies immunity against COVID-19.

Myth 6: Vitamin-C infused hot water keeps you safe from Coronavirus infection: Since corona infects the respiratory system, intake of high vitamin C diet with hot water will keep us immune from this disease.
Fact: Drinking lots of hot water may keep you healthy but it is not assured protection against corona infections. It wouldn’t stop the virus from infecting you.

Myth 7: COVID-19 is a bio-weapon: Corona Virus is a bio-weapon that was manufactured by China against all its enemies.
Fact: If you have ever read Robin Cook, you will know all his novels were based on some kind of disease and bio-weapon. Yes, the virus and infections resemble some old sci-fi novels, but no there is no Truth this conspiracy theory. If China had created a bio-weapon why would it be released in China itself?

Myth 8: Religious Leaders Have The Cure: A number of religious leaders like Alex Jones and several Islamic Leaders are claiming to have the cure of coronavirus. US-Based Christian leader Alex Jones went as far as to suggest that his nanoparticles-based toothpaste can cure COVID-19 infection. Similarly, there are rumors about cow’s urine curing the disease.
Fact: No one, not even the doctors have found the cure to this disease yet. Proper precaution and hygiene are the only cure to it. Do not fall for any such ruse, if they really had the cure, the administration, WHO, IIT, IIMs and other would be the first to recommend them.

In conclusion, we all need to stay sensible and alert from misinformation and the disease. Adhere to the precautions and warnings released by authorities, avoid taking risks. Go out only when required and avoid going to public places. Keep in touch through technology with family and friends, right now, your safety needs to be given priority over all other priorities. Stay safe and healthy!

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