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AU Foundation

AU Foundation is a non profit organization and the CSR arm of AU Small Finance Bank. In alignment with AU Small Finance Bank’s tagline “Chalo Aage Badhein”, AU Foundation works under three key focus areas for sustainable development.

AU Udyogini | AU Skills Academy | Sports for Development | Financial and Digital Literacy

In addition to these focus areas, the foundation also takes various CSR initiatives like promoting special education, promoting preventive healthcare through medical camps, making safe drinking water available and other such initiatives for the development of society at large. With all other CSR activities, the foundation also provides platform for individual social responsibility.


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A population of over 400 million in India is counted among the workforce of the country. However, social inequality in modern-day India is a problem that we as a country are struggling with. So widespread is its reach that it causes anxiety in the hearts of those with a vision of a thriving nation. No wonder that equality remains a distant dream. We at AU Foundation firmly believe that every Indian deserves equal opportunities, irrespective of where they come from. Our country has the immense advantage of diversity which will remain wasted until and unless we tap into the infinite potential of individuals who have the ability to transform our nation and its future every day. Undoubtedly, the need of the hour is to lend a helping hand to those who should be a part of this transformative force in India.


As one of the pioneers in small finance banking in India, we have witnessed and realized the importance of an all-round participation of the people for the evolution of an industry. In doing so, our mission met with huge challenges, particularly a restrictive environment against banking. These were not just intellectual or emotional, but also social, and even geographical in nature. All in all, deep rooted societal practices put up challenges for us on every frontier. We saw this experience as strong feedback to effectively design an all-inclusive model for the social development of all parts of India.

We believe that the best way for us to demonstrate our Social Responsibility is by finding avenues from our existing organizational ability. After much deliberation, we have thus chosen three distinct areas to explore.

Our People

Sanjay Agarwal

Sanjay Agarwal


“Ek pahel logo ko kaabil banane ki”

AU Foundation is born to illuminate the path, handhold and guide those who need it the most. We believe that everybody has the right to live with dignity and earn their livelihood respectfully. When anyone feels helpless, they only need someone to provide support and lead them to the right direction. We, at AU Foundation, are committed to empowering people.




We have grown up to believe that a society is made up of multiple communities that co-exist and support each other to grow. That is how the complete society grows. We believe that each corporate can use its set of expertise to do something beyond business. That is exactly how we have defined the core programmes of AU Foundation. The skill development programmes, the sports centric initiatives and the innovative financial literacy drives are all somehow derived from AU’s business or personality but weaved together for a much larger objective. I see AU Foundation as an extension of AU Bank’s personality that works with 100% focus on enriching lives.

Deepak Jain

Deepak Jain

Trustee - AU Foundation

Giving back to the community where we operate has always been at the core of AU’s functioning. In fact, the very foundation of our business was laid on the principle of enabling livelihoods so that the otherwise underserved could lead a better quality of life. As a Bank, we felt the need of establishing a separate entity that pushed forward the agenda of social good while the rest of us were busy running a bank. That is when the AU Foundation came into being. With a focused approach, the AU Foundation has taken up some remarkable projects that are making a real difference to the lives of those who need it the most.